Get the perfect skin with Dr Snowy.

Enhancing detoxification, whitening, blemish lightening while improving the skin’s water-holding capacity, reduce wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity, and delay skin aging.

About Dr Snowy

Our Story

Since 2015, Dr Snowy has been following the science. Our extensive knowledge on collagen and its role in skin and joint health made our products the most effective yet natural forms of skin care so you can be your best you, every day.

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Keep your Skin Flawless

With the help of Ceramides and Natural Glutathione, this dynamic combo keeps the skin plump and youthful.

Certified Natural Products

Our Dr Snowy Products are created with natural ingredients and certified by 4 major authorities.

Live Every Moment

Beauty is all about Dr Snowy 白女神.

Our product helps with anti-oxidative whitening and integrated detoxification. It can decompose excess or pathological pigments in the body, remove free radicals in the human body, clean and purify the environmental pollution in the human body, thereby enhancing physical fitness and whitening the skin.

Be Beautiful.

Inside of you, is your own everlasting fountain of youth.

We know there’s more beauty within you. We look past the superficial, and the beautiful you will feel the best and loved.

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Dr Snowy improves skin dryness, scaling, roughness and other conditions.


Nourishes the skin, helps flush out toxins, excess fat from the body and relieve fatigue.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to combine the latest technology and natural ingredients to offer our customers the best quality, innovative and effective products.

No, our Dr Snowy products consist of organic ingredients e.g. mixed berries and fruits.

We have 4 certifications for our products.

  • GMP Good Manufacturing Practice for Pharmaceutical Products
  • MESTI Food Handling Hygiene Safety Standard Certification
  • HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Point Control System
  • SGS Food Safety Testing

We manufacture our products wholly in Malaysia.

Yes our products are purely organic and without animal products in it.

At the moment we only deliver to Malaysia (both East & West Malaysia) as well as Singapore.

We do NOT deliver to other countries.

But do reach out to us via whatsapp to see how we can assist.

Johor & West Malaysia:
RM8 (for orders below RM499)
Free (for orders RM500 & above)

East Malaysia:
RM15 (for orders below RM499)
Free (for orders RM500 & above)


You can request to pick up your orders from our designated pick-up point in Johor Bahru only.

Get in touch with us via whatsapp to find out more.

Your order will reach you within 5 to 7 working days (Peninsular / West Malaysia) or 7 to 10 working days (East Malaysia).

There may be slight delays during festive seasons, public holidays or unforeseen delivery circumstances e.g. vehicle breakdown.

Reach out to us via whatsapp if you have concerns.

Yes you can.

During checkout, there is option for you to use a different delivery address.

Reach out to us via whatsapp to know the location of your order.

We support all local Malaysia banks via FPX and also accept international credit cards.

Our payment gateway (BOLD Pay) accepts payment via credit card, online banking and specific e-wallets.

Unfortunately we do not accept american express or unionpay credit/charge cards.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns and provide returns for products sold.

However, you can whatsapp us and we will look into your concerns and resolve them on a case-to-case basis. 


What They Say

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我本身不止是妈妈而且还是职业女性,每天都非常的忙碌,也没时间上美容院更别说长期施打昂贵的美白针,平时也没什么时间化妆打扮,自从服用了 Dr Snowy 白女神大约两个星期过后,我发觉没化妆竟然也没什么差别!!我老公都说我的皮肤变白了,脸色也好很多了,我觉得坚持下去长期服用一段时间相信效果会更好!
Melissa Tan
Melissa Tan
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This is by far the best whitening supplement! Been taking it for two months or so and my skin feels supple! Dont have to wear lotion. It also gives better sleep for me! Will definitely buy more in the future!
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服用了Dr Snowy 白女神一个疗程过后,现在的肤色均匀透白,脸上透出来的不再是以往暗淡无光, 出门甚至不用化妆! 肌肤比以前滑了! 让我出去见人的自信心大大增长!
Chai Mei Ling
Chai Mei Ling
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Have only been using it about 3 months. Must say though it has a lovely taste and is very easily dissolved. I bought it because of my mother's recommedation. Thanks Dr Snowy!
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我的皮肤非常干燥。以前每次 去美容院都无法达到我要的效果, 甚至干燥到裂开,像蛇皮一样, 自从服用了Dr Snowy 白女神之后现在完全都没有这种情况了!蛇皮也慢慢的消失,就连美容师都说我的皮肤变好很多很多 !
Daphne Chia
Daphne Chia
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The redness of my skin has significantly reduced, I've noticed I'm less prone to breakouts. I notice my skin looks more radiant and hydrated. XOXO much love.

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